Take advantage of Government stimulus programs and low interest rates by refinancing your mortgage. Getting a home loan refinance is easier than ever these days, and much more beneficial. Interest rates are near all time lows and new Government programs actually encourage homeowners to get a mortgage refinancing. Here is why getting a mortgage refinance right now is a great decision for many people.

As you probably know, the housing market right now is in bad shape. That is due to a struggling economy, dropping home prices, bad mortgages, and a dramatic increase in foreclosures and mortgage defaults. However, this has led to new Government stimulus programs and low interest rates that encourage refinancing as opposed to letting someone lose their home. Now, homeowners in all types of bad financial and mortgage situations can easily get the help they need and save their home, some money, or both. This is all possible because of mortgage lenders and banks less willing to take a risk on profiting on a foreclosure and new stimulus programs enacted by President Obama.

These new programs are part of a $75 billion stimulus plan to help homeowners. This money is being given to mortgage lenders and banks who follow the guidelines set by the President and help homeowners avoid losing their home. This money enables the mortgage lenders and banks to help homeowners they would not have been able to help before. With this money the lenders and banks can take on more risk and approve more homeowners. This stimulus program is actually designed to help struggling homeowners, and millions of them.

Getting help with your home loan is easier right now than it ever has been before. Homeowners who are barely able to keep up, or who have already slipped and missed some payments, should look into what refinancing a mortgage can do for them. Odds are that with the housing market right now, you will be able to benefit from a mortgage refinance and save a lot of money, your home, or both. Get the help you need now while the housing market is in your favor.

-M Petrone

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