Bank of America is offering new mortgage refinancing options to homeowners tanks to President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan is aimed at helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and save money through new options for mortgage refinancing or modification. Millions of people are able to use Bank of America and this Government plan for themselves. Here is how.

While Bank of America has always offered mortgage refinancing options, they are now able to offer more people even more choices. This is because of over $75 billion in Government money which is being given to mortgage lenders and banks from Obamas stimulus. Money will be given to lenders like Bank of America every time they help and approve a homeowner for a home loan refinance by following the stimulus plans guidelines. This means that there is an actual cash incentive for Bank of America when they help homeowners. This has led to an all time high number of applications and approvals for refinancing a mortgage.

This money makes it much easier for people with bad credit or upside down mortgages to get the help they need when refinancing a mortgage. With this money and stimulus plan, a homeowner now has a real chance at securing their financial future, avoiding foreclosure, and saving money. Not all mortgage lenders and banks though have been chosen to offer the Presidents mortgage bailout options to homeowners. However, Bank of America is a proven leader when it comes to helping homeowners and mortgage refinancing. This is why they have been selected as one of the few banks who can officially offer these mortgage refinancing options to homeowners.

Never before has a mortgage refinance been so easy or beneficial for so many homeowners. If you are struggling to make your home loan payments, are facing foreclosure, or want to save money get help today. Bank of America mortgage refinancing is a great option for many people. Do yourself and your financial future a favor and get the help that is available now. Take action, save money, save your home, and save yourself before things get worse.

-M Petrone

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