Mortgage refinancing with Bank of America is easier than ever for millions of homeowners thanks to President Obamas “Home Affordability” stimulus plan. The Obama administration has chosen a few selected mortgage lenders and banks to offer this program to homeowners and Bank of America is one of them. Now, mortgage refinancing options exist for all types of situations and are available with easy eligibility requirements through Bank of America and Obamas stimulus plan.

These benefits exist due to cash incentives that will be given to Bank of America and other lenders who have been selected to offer these refinancing options from Obamas stimulus to homeowners. Every time a selected lender or bank follows the stimulus plan guidelines and approves a homeowner for refinancing, they will receive cash benefits for doing so. This money decreases their financial liability and also, as the stimulus plan requires, allows more homeowners in bad financial or mortgage situations to get approved for a refinancing. Bank of America has been one of the leading refinancing providers offering this plan. They have approved many people for a mortgage refinancing using Obamas stimulus program for struggling homeowners. Over $75 billion dollars have been allocated for Obamas mortgage stimulus program, and most of it will be used for these cash incentives for mortgage lenders and banks, like Bank of America, who help homeowners.

While each homeowners situation is different, there are a variety of benefits a homeowner can get by using Bank of America and Obamas stimulus plan to refinance their home loan. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

-Mortgage interest rates lowered to as little as 2% to make the monthly mortgage payments affordable.

-The ability to switch loan types. Homeowners can easily switch between an adjustable rate mortgage into a stable fixed rate mortgage with Obamas stimulus program.

-Easy eligibility requirements even for homeowners with bad credit, financial hardships or an upside down mortgage.

Many people can use these new Bank of America mortgage refinancing options for themselves and save money, their home, or both. Taking advantage of Obamas stimulus plan is easy and can provide you with great financial benefits. Take action now and contact Bank of America about refinancing a mortgage with Obamas bailout for homeowners.

-M Petrone

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