President Obamas mortgage bailout plan will help millions of people save a lot of money, their home, or both. This program will allow struggling homeowners with financial or mortgage problems to easily get a refinancing into a better more affordable monthly payment. Many homeowners will get lower interest rates, and a home loan payment that they are actually able to make. Here is how this plan works and what you need to know.

This program is designed to help homeowners even if they have bad credit, bad financial problems, no job, or owe more than their home loan is worth. This program works by lowering homeowners payments to an affordable monthly payment that is not more than 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income. This rate includes taxes, insurance, and any homeowner fees. This will be a dramatic reduction in payments for many homeowners and will allow millions of people to avoid losing their home, save a lot of money every month, or both.

To do accomplish this, the Government has set aside over $75 billion to help homeowners. Mortgage lenders and banks who are approved to offer the stimulus programs will get a cash bonus for doing so. This means that help is available even if you have been denied before, have little or negative equity in your home, want to switch loan types, or have a bad credit history. Never before has it been this easy for homeowners in all financial situations to get the help they need.

With the bonus money, lenders and banks can approve more homeowners, and in worse situations. That is because the money is only given when they follow the plans guidelines and help a homeowner. Many things can be done to assist people in getting an affordable monthly payment. Interest rates can be lowered to as little as 2%, the length of the mortgage can be extended, or some principal that is owed can be taken off, all because of President Obamas stimulus plan for homeowners

Homeowners should contact their mortgage lender or bank and ask about how they can get a mortgage refinancing with Obamas stimulus. Taking action is easier and more beneficial than ever before, for all homeowners. Take advantage and preserve your homes future.

-M Petrone

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