Wells Fargo is able to offer homeowners new mortgage refinancing options thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. This stimulus plan is designed to help homeowners in all types of bad financial situations by getting them into a more affordable monthly mortgage payment. This will be done through new refinance options available from Wells Fargo and Obamas stimulus plan. Here is how to take advantage of Obamas stimulus plan with Wells Fargo.

Only a few choice mortgage lenders and banks have been allowed to offer refinancing options from Obamas stimulus plan and Wells Fargo is one of them. Every time a selected mortgage lender or bank offers a refinancing option that is in accordance with Obamas housing stimulus plan, they receive cash incentives to do so. With the incentives, more homeowners are able to get help refinancing than ever before. Even people who up to 25% more than their home is worth, have lost a job, have bad credit, or are facing other financial hardships will find it much easier to get help refinancing a mortgage.

While getting help refinancing in tough financial situations was always possible, it typically was very costly and hard to get approved for. Now though, with Obamas stimulus plan in place, many people can save their home, save money, or both. Obamas plan is based on the belief that if a homeowner is able to make there monthly home loan payments, they will. That is why a major requirement in Obamas plan that homeowners benefit from is that after refinancing a mortgage the payment will not be more than 31% of your gross monthly income. This will be a huge reduction in payments for many people, and can help reduce the high number of foreclosures and mortgage defaults.

Homeowners facing problems with paying their mortgage every month should contact Wells Fargo today and see what options exist from Obamas stimulus plan. Odds are that you will be able to find the help you need to secure your homes future, and your finances. Take action now and refinance a mortgage with Wells Fargo.

-M Petrone

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