Wells Fargo can help millions of homeowners refinance a mortgage and save money because of President Obamas stimulus plan. This stimulus program is designed to help millions of homeowners prevent foreclosure and mortgage default. 2% mortgage refinancing options now exist, and many other big benefits are available for many people. Here is what homeowners should know about refinancing a mortgage with Wells Fargo and Obamas stimulus plan.

Wells Fargo is one of the only approved mortgage lenders who can offer homeowners mortgage refinancing options from Obamas stimulus plan. They receive money every time they help a homeowner get a mortgage refinancing and follow the stimulus plans guidelines. This money makes it more likely they will offer homeowners refinancing options because there is less financial risk to the mortgage lender or bank.

Over $75 billion in funding has been set aside for Obamas stimulus plan. While most of this money is being given to approved mortgage lenders and banks like Wells Fargo, some of it is being used to keep mortgage interest rates low. Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing can even offer homeowners who are really struggling interest rates as low as 2%. In addition to that, the home loan can be extended in length, dramatically reducing the monthly payment amounts.

Many people can benefit from Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing options that exist now thanks to Obamas stimulus. Taking action before your situation gets worse helps ensure that you save the most money, and have a greater chance of saving your home. Never before has refinancing a home loan with Wells Fargo been this easy or beneficial. Contact them today and see what refinancing options exist for you from the Obama housing bailout.

-M Petrone

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