Wells Fargo is now offering mortgage refinancing options to many homeowners thanks to President Obamas housing stimulus plan. This stimulus allows homeowners with bad credit, an upside down mortgage, or other financial problems the chance to easily get a mortgage refinancing, save money, and secure their personal and homes financial future. Here are some of the biggest benefits refinancing a mortgage with Wells Fargo and Obamas stimulus plan has for homeowners.

Wells Fargo has always been able to find a mortgage refinancing solution even for struggling homeowners. Now though, they are able to offer more help than ever before. This is because of over $75 billion being given to approved mortgage lenders and banks, like Wells Fargo, every time they offer a mortgage refinancing option to a struggling homeowner and follow Obamas stimulus guidelines. Some of the biggest benefits for homeowners refinancing a mortgage with Wells Fargo and President Obamas mortgage stimulus include:

-Monthly mortgage payments that do not exceed 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income. This 31% rate includes taxes, insurance, and other home fees. This will be a major reduction for many people in the amount they owe every month.

-No closing costs or other fees when refinancing with an approved lender or bank, like Wells Fargo, and using Obamas stimulus plan. These fees and costs can easily reach into the thousands of dollars and many struggling homeowners do not have that much money.

-Since so many homeowners are upside down on their mortgages, this stimulus plan helps them. Now, homeowners can owe as much as 25% more than their house is worth on the market, and still get a mortgage refinancing.

-Homeowners who are in or will soon be facing foreclosure will have the process stopped and be able to save their home. This is automatic when a homeowner refinances a mortgage with Obamas stimulus.

Wells Fargo has always been able to offer mortgage refinancing options to homeowners but now can offer more help to more homeowners than ever before. Never before has such a wide spread stimulus program been available for so many homeowners to take advantage of. If you are struggling to make your monthly home loan payments, take action now.

-M Petrone

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