Here are some tips that will make refinancing a mortgage easier, and more beneficial, for nearly any homeowner. These are easy to follow tips that will save you time, money, or both. Regardless of your financial situation, these tips will help when getting a home mortgage refinance.

1.Avoid “No Cost” or Similar Mortgage Refinance Options
A lot of mortgage lenders and banks use this “No Cost” advertisement just to lure homeowners in. While there may indeed be no closing costs needed, it is paid for. Typically, these options mean that the usual costs of refinancing are added to the home loan in one way or another. Whether it means higher interest rates, or a bigger loan, you will be paying for the refinance. If you do this, it actually ends up costing a lot more in the long run due to the extra interest due on a larger loan. Try to pay off all, or as much of, the closing costs and fees upfront and avoid “No Cost” mortgage refinancing options.

2.Borrow as Little as Possible
Many homeowners take the chance to refinance and use their homes equity to get a large amount of cash back in the form of a home equity loan. Others, figure they should not make those extra mortgage payments because they are going to refinance in a few years. Homeowners who are getting a cash back refinance should always be aware of the long term consequences and costs. Many people get caught up with how much they are able to get out of cash back options, and take far too much than is needed for what they plan, or need, to do. The other homeowners who figured they should not make the extra payments will end up paying more for refinancing, and seeing less long term savings. By paying as much as you can every month, you are reducing the principal due on the home loan. This quickly adds up and reduces any homeowners refinancing costs.

3.Be a Smart Shopper
That means homeowners should use all the tools available to them to compare competing mortgage lenders and banks refinancing options against each other. It is quick and easy to use the internet to get a general background of a company, and some contact information. When you speak with them, you can understand their requirements and options before you dedicate any more time or energy to them. When you do find a mortgage lender or bank you like, compare them to others you have looked at as potential candidates. This is the only way you can truly compare different mortgage refinance options that lenders and banks give you. This also provides you some leverage to use when negotiating the interest rates, closing costs, or other costly aspects of a home loan refinancing.

Homeowners in all types of situations use mortgage refinancing to better their immediate, and future financial position. If you are looking to refinance a home loan, these tips will save you time and money. Always know what your options are and do some research before agreeing to anything you are not 100% sure of.

-M Petrone

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