Chase mortgage refinancing is easier and more beneficial for millions of people than it ever has been before. That is because Chase is one of the only banks or mortgage lenders who have been selected to offer President Obamas stimulus refinancing options to homeowners. These new options can provide 2% interest rates, no closing costs or fees, and many other benefits for homeowners who refinance. Here is what homeowners need to know when getting a Chase mortgage refinancing.

Chase is one of only a few selected mortgage lenders or banks who can offer homeowners refinancing or mortgage modification options from President Obamas stimulus plan. This means that the Obama administration will give them money from over $75 billion that has been set aside for the stimulus, every time they approve a homeowner for a refinancing or modification that is in line with President Obamas plan. That means many people who would have been denied before, or only offered mortgage refinancing options which were not really beneficial, will not be able to easily get help and approved for a home loan refinance.

The money provided by the stimulus plan enables lenders and banks, like Chase, to take on more risk and approve more people. This money enables them to offer truly money saving options to struggling homeowners and allow them to save money, and prevent their home from being lost to a foreclosure or mortgage default. Many people will get approved, and save a lot of money, when refinancing a mortgage with Chase and Obamas stimulus plan.

This program is helping and will help millions of people. Contact Chase today and see what mortgage refinance options exist for you with Obamas stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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