President Obama has enacted a mortgage stimulus plan which enables millions of people to get a home loan refinance or modification into a lower, more affordable monthly payment. This program is designed to help millions of homeowners with over $75 billion available to do so. Here is how a homeowner can get a mortgage refinance or modification with Obamas housing plan.

Millions of homeowners are being targeted by President Obamas stimulus plan. This program is designed to assist people get a more affordable home loan through new refinancing and modification options. Now, homeowners with all types of financial hardships can get help. Some of the biggest problems effecting homeowners are:

-Loss of a job or reduced income

-A home that has dropped in value

-Medical bills

-Adjusted rate mortgages that have gone up and are no longer affordable

-Bad credit or other debt problems

Millions of people are at a serious risk of losing their home to a short sale, foreclosure, or loan default. In order to help restore stability to the housing market, Obama has enacted a $75 billion stimulus program designed to help homeowners, and restore some stability to the housing market and economy. Without this stimulus program, the foreclosure and default rate would rapidly rise, and millions of people would lose their home.

Homeowners will see some huge benefits when they get a mortgage refinancing or modification with Obamas stimulus plan. Some of those benefits include:

-Interest rates that can be as low as 2%

-Easy qualification requirements for all types of homeowners looking to refinance or get a home loan modification

-No closing costs, fees, or prepaid points are needed. This is a true no cost home loan modification or refinancing option

Homeowners should contact their mortgage lender or bank today and see what the benefits of refinancing a mortgage with Obamas plan are. Millions of people can get help, you should see if you can too.

-M Petrone

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