Millions of homeowners are eligible to take advantage of President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” stimulus plan. Along with Wells Fargo and a few selected mortgage lenders and banks this program offers homeowners in bad financial situations new mortgage refinancing options. The goal is to stop the high number of foreclosures, and provide relief financially for homeowners.

Wells Fargo, like the other lenders or banks approved to offer this stimulus plan to homeowners, will receive a cash incentive from the Government every time they help a homeowner and follow Obamas stimulus plan guidelines. With this money, mortgage lenders or banks can, and will, approve more homeowners in worse financial situation than ever before. This money acts as a financial barrier as to how much the lender or bank could potentially lose, and therefore with it is makes getting approved easier than ever.

Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing options exist for homeowners with:

-Bad credit, financial hardships, or other debt problems.

-A home that has dropped in value and mortgages that the homeowner owes up to 25% more on than the home is actually worth.

-Homeowners facing foreclosure or defaulting on their mortgage. This program stops and pending foreclosures, and is basically a fresh start for a homeowner.

Wells Fargo mortgage refinance
has always been beneficial for many people. Now though, with Government money backing them, they can help more homeowners than ever before. Contact Wells Fargo today and ask how Obamas stimulus program can help you refinance a mortgage. Help is available and Wells Fargo has the resources, dedication, and proven history that can help you save your home, save money, or both. Take action now.

-M Petrone

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