Bank of America mortgage refinancing options now exist for struggling homeowners thanks to President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” stimulus plan. This $75 billion program is designed to help people avoid losing their home, save money, and get a better mortgage. Qualifying for mortgage refinancing is now easy with Bank of America and other participating mortgage lenders.

This $75 billion is being used to keep mortgage interest rates low. However, most of the money is being given to mortgage lenders and banks such as Bank of America who have been authorized from Obamas administration to offer mortgage refinancing options according to stimulus plan requirements. This money makes approving a struggling homeowner less risky, and increases the chances of getting approved for mortgage refinancing help.

Some of the benefits of refinancing a mortgage with Bank of America and Obamas stimulus package include:

-Easy qualification requirements, even for homeowners with bad credit, low income, who lost a job, or who are facing other financial problems.

-No refinancing closing costs or fees that are generally thousands of dollars.

-Mortgage refinancing options for homeowners who owe more than their home loan is worth.

Bank of America mortgage refinancing is beneficial for millions of people. Now, with Obamas help, getting approved for refinancing is easier than ever. The Government is serious about helping homeowners and this huge stimulus program proves that.

Getting help refinancing is what many homeowners need to secure their finances, and prevent their home from being lost. Taking advantage of this program is easy. Contact Bank of America and ask how refinancing with President Obamas mortgage bailout can help you.

-M Petrone

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