Do you need to lower your monthly mortgage payment? Have you missed or been late on home loan payments and are facing foreclosure? Do you think you financial situation will prevent you from getting a low interest rate if you refinance? Then President Obamas stimulus plan can help you.

This stimulus plan is backed by $75 billion, all of which is dedicated to assisting struggling homeowners get an affordable monthly home loan payment, save money, and prevent foreclosure. This money is already being used to keep interest rates low, and to offer new mortgage refinancing options to nearly any homeowner. Now, using Obamas stimulus plan, millions of homeowners will find financial relief, and prevent their home from being lost to foreclosure or home loan default.

This plan works through providing cash incentives to mortgage lenders and banks to urge them to helps homeowners and follow the stimulus guidelines. This money will enable the lender or bank to help more people in worse situations than they would have been able to before. Also, it provides some assurance to them in the case that a homeowner still loses their home in the future. That means they are taking much less risk, and offering much better benefits to homeowners.

Refinancing a Home Mortgage with Obamas stimulus program can provide some huge benefits including:

-2% mortgage interest rates

-No closing costs or fees

-Easy eligibility requirements

-Preventing a home from being lost

Millions of people are able to use this program for themselves, and secure their financial future. Using this plan will help homeowners, neighborhoods, the housing market, and the overall economy. Never before has the Government been this involved in stimulating the housing market, and homeowners need to take advantage.

-M Petrone

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