Many homeowners are looking for a way to reduce their monthly home loan payments, save money, or prevent their home from being lost to foreclosure or loan default. The Presidents stimulus plan provides help with over $75 billion in funding that is designed to assist struggling homeowners get a mortgage refinance or modification that will save them money, prevent their home from being lost, or both. Here is how this plan works and what homeowners should know.

Many people are having problems paying their home loan payments and are losing their homes at a record pace. In order to help, President Obama enacted this stimulus plan that makes refinancing or mortgage modification easy. This means that millions of struggling homeowners can get help. Even people who were denied before or have no home equity can get approved for home refinancing or modification.

People with upside down mortgages, bad credit, bad debts, or other financial problems, can now get approved for mortgage refinance or modification. Never before has so much money been dedicated to helping all types of people, regardless of their finances. Homeowners are encouraged to use this stimulus program for themselves to save money and prevent their home from being lost.

This housing stimulus program will help the entire housing market and many individual homeowners. The Obama administration has stepped in and is offering help to people who need it most. Do not let your home be lost to a foreclosure or home loan default and take action now. The longer you wait to get help, the worse your situation will be. Do not wait any longer and get help now while it is easily available.

-M Petrone

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