Millions of homeowners are eligible to get a mortgage refinancing through use of President Obamas stimulus plan. This plan enables millions of people to get interest rates lowered to as low as 2%, and other huge mortgage refinancing benefits, in an effort to lower payments and save homes from being lost. Here is how President Obamas stimulus plan helps homeowners who are refinancing a mortgage.

This plan from Obama is backed by over $75 billion in Government funds. The stimulus targets over 8 million people who are having a hard time paying their home loan every month, and need to save money, avoid losing their home, or both. Money is being given to mortgage lenders and banks when they help homeowners, and follow the rules of Obamas stimulus plan. This means that millions of people can find financial relief, and save their home, by getting a mortgage refinancing.

Even people who owe more than their home is actually worth, have bad credit, or are facing other financial hardships can find a mortgage refinancing option from Obamas stimulus. Never before has a program this big been enabled to help so many people. Millions of people, entire neighborhoods, and the entire housing economy will benefit from President Obamas mortgage bailout.

Do not be a victim to a bad housing market and economy and lose your home. Take action now and stop or prevent foreclosure or loan default from ruining your future plans. Refinancing a mortgage with President Obamas plan is easy and very beneficial for millions of homeowners. Contact a mortgage lender or bank today and see what options and potential benefits await you if you refinance a mortgage with the stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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