Millions of homeowners can benefit from President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” stimulus plan. This program makes getting a mortgage modification or refinancing easy and very beneficial for a lot of people. Here is how a homeowner can use President Obamas stimulus plan and get a home mortgage refinance or modification into a better, and cheaper, monthly loan payment.

This program is designed to help struggling homeowners and prevent them from losing their home to a foreclosure or loan default. This is possible because of new mortgage refinance and modification options that have been created by $75 billion from the Obama stimulus plan. This money will be given to mortgage lenders and banks when they help a homeowner according to the Obama plan rules. This money is enabling mortgage lenders and banks to offer help to nearly anyone including homeowners with:

-A home that has dropped in value
-Bad credit or debts
-Upside down mortgages
-Little to no cash for closing costs and fees
-A financial hardship like loss of a job

These are the main reasons people are struggling. Foreclosures and loan defaults are at all time highs and that is why Obamas program focuses on homeowners who need help. It has never been as easy, or beneficial, than it is right now to refinance or modify a mortgage.

Homeowners need to take action and contact a mortgage lender or bank to see what benefits they can get from Obamas housing stimulus plan. Help is available for nearly any situation you can think of and it is easy to get. Do not let this plan pass you by without taking advantage of it.

-M Petrone

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