Homeowners across the country are desperately looking for ways to reduce their home loan payments, and prevent their home from being lost to foreclosure or loan default. Luckily, President Obama knew how bad the economy and housing market were and knew there was a desperate need to help homeowners. That is why homeowners can now easily refinance a mortgage, save money, and prevent their home from being lost by using President Obamas housing stimulus plan.

This stimulus program is all possible thanks to over $75 billion in funding. This money is being used to keep mortgage interest rates near all time lows, and also for creating new mortgage refinancing options for nearly any homeowner. This stimulus plan is designed to help struggling homeowners and that means bad credit, upside down home loans, and other financial hardships are not going to disqualify someone from refinancing.

Mortgage lenders and banks actually receive cash incentives every time a homeowner is helped through the rules of Obamas stimulus plan. This money makes it possible to take on homeowners considered more at risk, and allows them to keep monthly home loan payments at an affordable for the homeowner. Even 2% interest rates and no closing costs exist as big benefits in the stimulus plan, saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

Homeowners who want to use this program for themselves should contact a participating mortgage lender or bank. Ask how President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan can benefit you, save you money, save your home from being lost, or all of the above. Get help today before your situation gets worse, or your home is lost.

-M Petrone

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