President Obamas stimulus plan has made refinancing a mortgage a great move for many homeowners to make. There is over $75 billion in money available to help homeowners get 2% mortgage interest rates, no closing cost refinancing options, and to get an almost guaranteed approval. Here is how to use the Presidents home stimulus plan for yourself.

Right now, homeowners are struggling. Millions of people are facing foreclosure, or are struggling to make their monthly home loan payment. This is mainly due to a horrible economy and housing market, but also due to a large number of people having an adjusted rate mortgage. President Obamas stimulus plan provides relief to nearly any homeowner struggling with financial problems or mortgage issues that would traditionally not allow them to get approved for a beneficial mortgage refinance.

Homeowners can find help from the Obama stimulus plan even if:

-They owe up to 25% more than their home loan is worth. This is because many homes have dropped in value since the housing market is in such bad shape.

-Pay more than 31% of their gross monthly income towards their monthly home loan payment. This includes taxes, insurance, and home association fees.

-Have bad credit or other financial problems that would make them not able to get approved without help from Obamas stimulus plan.

-They have an adjusted rate mortgage that is constantly increasing in interest and they want to switch to a more stable fixed rate home loan.

Millions of homeowners can use Obamas plan and get themselves a mortgage refinance. This program has made it easy for homeowners to save money and stop their home from being lost to a foreclosure or loan default. Use it now before it goes away. Contact a mortgage lender or bank to see the benefits this stimulus plan can provide you.

-M Petrone

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