The CitiMortgage loss mitigation department is who many people have to deal with these days when refinancing a mortgage. That is because many people are facing financial hardships, and need help in order to prevent losing their home. However, President Obamas mortgage stimulus plan enables homeowners to easily get approved for mortgage refinancing, even when dealing with the CitiMortgage loss mitigation department. Here are some things people should know about refinancing a mortgage with CitiMortgage and President Obamas stimulus plan.

In the past, homeowners with bad credit, bad loan to value ratios, an upside down mortgage, or who were facing financial hardships would often get denied by the CitiMortgage loss mitigation department. Now though, thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan, homeowners are getting approved for mortgage refinancing with all types of bad financial problems. Mortgage refinancing with CitiMortgage is easier and more beneficial for many people than it ever has been before.

This is all possible because of funding from President Obamas housing stimulus program. This program provides funding to mortgage lenders and banks like CitiMortgage who help homeowners and offer them mortgage refinancing options that follow the stimulus plans rules. This means that homeowners who refinance with CitiMortgage may still have to deal with the loss mitigation department, but it will be much easier to get an approval from them. The money provided from the stimulus plan gives them an incentive to help struggling homeowners, and it acts like an insurance policy against any potential losses.

Right now, homeowners can see great benefits from refinancing a mortgage. Even if you have to deal with the CitiMortgage loss mitigation department, it will not be a big deal. Contact them today yourself and see what benefits await you from getting a home loan refinancing with the Obama housing bailout plan.

-M Petrone

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