Ditech is now offering mortgage refinancing options to millions of struggling homeowners thanks to Obamas stimulus plan. The “Making Home Affordable” housing bailout plan is designed to help homeowners avoid losing their home, save money, and get their finances in order. This stimulus program is designed to help homeowners who have an upside down mortgage, bad credit, financial hardships, or other problems. Ditech makes mortgage refinancing easy, and is offering new options to homeowners thanks to the stimulus plan.

These new options exist thanks to over $75 billion in funding provided from Obamas stimulus plan. With this money, approved mortgage lenders and banks, like Ditech, can offer new mortgage refinancing programs to nearly any homeowners. Even homeowners who have been denied in the past can easily find help now. This program and the money it provides makes getting help refinancing a mortgage with Ditech easier and more beneficial than ever before.

Every time a mortgage lender or bank offers new mortgage refinancing options from Obamas stimulus homeowners, they receive a cash incentive. These incentives make it more likely to get approved from Ditech, even if you are in a financial problem, owe more than your home is worth, have bad credit, or have been denied in the past. This money will act as a insurance policy so that mortgage lenders and banks know that they will not lose too much money should a homeowner still not be able to pay their home loan every month.

Never before has so much help been available to homeowners looking to refinance a mortgage. Ditech and other approved mortgage lenders and banks are approving many people for mortgage refinancing, and all because of President Obamas stimulus plan. Take action now and get the help you need for mortgage refinancing by contacting Ditech today.

-M Petrone

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