Ditech (GMAC) is now offering mortgage refinancing options to millions of homeowners thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. This stimulus program allows many people to easily qualify and get approved for a mortgage refinancing that will reduce their monthly payments to an affordable level. Here are some things homeowners should know when refinancing a mortgage with Ditech and President Obamas stimulus plan.

Ditech has always been known for their strong customer service and their ability to help nearly any homeowner through mortgage refinancing options. Now though, they can do even more to help struggling homeowners. Like other approved mortgage lenders and banks, Ditech gets cash incentives from the Obama plan every time they help a homeowner and follow the plans rules. This not only makes it easier for nearly any homeowner to get approved, it makes the actual lenders and banks like Ditech actually want to extend you an offer. The money they get from Obamas stimulus plan will allow them to take more risks, and offer more options to homeowners.

Now, with Ditech and Obamas stimulus, homeowners in all types of financial hardships can get a mortgage refinancing. The new mortgage payment after refinancing with Ditech will not exceed 31% of a homeowners monthly income. This will be a huge reduction in the amount homeowners pay every month. Plus, nearly any homeowner is able to use this program and get help refinancing. Even if you have been denied before or owe more than your home is worth, help is available.

Contact Ditech today and see what potential benefits await you should you refinance a mortgage with Obamas stimulus plan. Do not lose your home to foreclosure or default, take action now and get an affordable monthly home loan payment.

-M Petrone

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