Homeowners all across the country can now refinance their mortgage using the Federal Governments Economic Stimulus Act. This stimulus plan will help many people qualify for a mortgage refinance even if they have bad credit, financial hardships, or have seen their home lose value. Here is what homeowners need to know about refinancing a mortgage with Obamas economic stimulus plan.

Millions of homeowners can now refinance into a lower interest rate, and a lower monthly mortgage payment. Other options for homeowners include the chance to extend the mortgages length, shorten the length, or can even get cash back from refinancing to use for whatever they want. Many options are now available for home loans that were typically only available with smaller loan types including:

-Better, lower, interest rates that will reduce monthly home loan payments.

-Easy to qualify for mortgage refinancing or modification options. Even for homeowners with financial hardships or other related problems.

-There will be no closing costs or fees for many mortgages that have a prepayment clause.

Homeowners should take action now and use this mortgage refinancing stimulus plan for themselves. The benefits of refinancing are bigger than they have ever been before. Also, right now, using the economic stimulus plan, more people can get help than was ever available before. Contact a mortgage lender or bank today and ask how President Obamas plan can help you. Do not lose your home, or pay more than you have to. The longer you wait, the worse your situation will get, take action now before the stimulus plan, and its big benefits, goes away.

-M Petrone

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