Mortgage refinancing applications have been coming in at a record pace. That is because millions of people are able to save a lot of money, prevent their home from being lost, and get many more benefits thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. Over $75 billion is being used to help homeowners, and qualifying for help is easy. Here is how you can take advantage of President Obamas stimulus plan and refinance a mortgage.

Getting help with your home loan has never been easier, or more beneficial, than it is right now. This stimulus program from Obama enables millions of people to easily get a mortgage refinancing that will reduce their monthly home loan payments, save them money, and prevent them from losing their home to foreclosure or default. Regardless of your financial situation, there is help available for you from this housing stimulus program.

-Homeowners who owe up to 25% more than their home is actually worth can get approved for refinancing.

-Homeowners who have been denied in the past, can now get help.

-Bad credit and other financial hardships will not prevent a homeowner from lowering their monthly payments from new mortgage refinancing options.

Never before has this much help been available from the Government to help homeowners. Mortgage rates are extremely low, and there is an option to save money on your mortgage payments for nearly every homeowner. Take advantage of this stimulus program for yourself and see how quickly the savings add up. This program will save millions of homes from being lost, and individual homeowners a lot of money every single month. Take action now and refinance your home loan with Obamas housing stimulus program.

-M Petrone

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