Ditech (GMAC) is now offering homeowners new mortgage refinancing options thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. This plan makes refinancing a mortgage easier than ever for struggling homeowners. Millions of people can use Ditech and Obamas plan to lower their monthly mortgage payments, save money, or save their home from being lost. Here are some of the important things to know when refinancing a mortgage with President Obamas stimulus program.

Ditech (GMAC) has always been able to offer mortgage refinancing options to homeowners in all types of financial situations. Now though, they can offer more help than ever before thanks to funding from Obamas stimulus plan. Over $75 billion has been set aside to give to lenders and banks like Ditech so that they assume less financial risk, and approve more homeowners for refinancing. This money is broken down and given as cash incentives to approved mortgage lenders and banks who offer struggling homeowners mortgage refinancing options. With this money, the lenders and banks assume less financial risk, and are more willing to help more people, regardless of their finances.

In the past, homeowners facing the problems they face now would have a hard time getting approved for mortgage refinancing help. However, the Obama administration knows that homeowners need help. Many people owe more than their home is actually worth, have lost their job, or are going through other financial issues. That is why this plan is so beneficial to many homeowners. With the stimulus program it is acceptable to have bad finances, and still get help. The cash incentives allow the mortgage lenders and banks to take a more risk, help more homeowners, and help improve peoples financial futures.

Ditech mortgage refinancing
options now exist for millions of homeowners that would not have gotten help before. People who are struggling to make, or have missed, mortgage payments should take action now and secure their homes, and their own, financial future. Never before has such a stimulus plan been available to homeowners. Use it for yourself and refinance a mortgage today.

-M Petrone

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