Wells Fargo is now offering homeowners new mortgage refinancing and modification options thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. This stimulus allows millions of people the chance to get into a more affordable mortgage, save money, and prevent their homes from being lost to foreclosure or default. Here is how refinancing a mortgage with Wells Fargo and Obamas stimulus plan works.

Wells Fargo is able to offer new mortgage refinance and modification options thanks to funding from the Obama stimulus plan. Over $75 billion is going to be given to approved banks and mortgage lenders, like Wells Fargo, every time they offer a mortgage refinance or modification option to a homeowner that follows the plans rules. This is great news for many people as right now the economy and housing market are in bad shape, and without this stimulus plan, refinancing or mortgage modification would be much harder to get.

Homeowners with bad credit, upside down mortgages, who have lost a job, or are facing other financial problems can now easily get help by using the Obama stimulus plan for themselves. Before this stimulus program existed, people facing tough financial or mortgage problems would have a really hard time getting approved for mortgage refinancing or modification. Now though, lenders and bank like Wells Fargo are embracing the Obama plan, and offering truly beneficial mortgage refinancing and modification options.

Never before has a plan this extensive been in place to help so many people. Homeowners should take advantage of this amazing chance to save money and your home. Get a mortgage refinancing or modification today and see how much you can be saving.

-M Petrone

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