Over 6 million homeowners are able to get themselves into a new mortgage with a 2% fixed interest rate thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. Using this stimulus plan will make it easy for almost any homeowner to get approved for mortgage refinancing, and save a lot of money every single month. Here are some things homeowners need to know and some of the biggest benefits of using President Obamas stimulus plan.

-Homeowners with a home that has dropped in value by 15% or more can get approved for help and get a new mortgage through refinancing. Since the economy and housing market are in such bad shape, many people are seeing the value of their home drop. Without this stimulus plan, these homeowners would have a really hard time getting a home mortgage refinance approval.

-Mortgage refinancing is much easier now and more people can get approved. That is because of stimulus money this program provides to mortgage lenders and banks that help homeowners with home mortgage refinancing options that follow Obamas stimulus plan rules.

-Money from this stimulus plan is being used to keep interest rates low, and to offer struggling homeowners a 2% fixed interest rate when they get a home loan refinance.

-Homeowners who are facing foreclosure or mortgage default can have the process stopped immediately if they use this plan. This will save a lot of homes from being lost and the housing market from getting even worse.

Millions of people are struggling right now but this stimulus program will provide relief for many homeowners. This stimulus plan provides a real chance for homeowners to get into a better home loan, save money, prevent foreclosure, and get help their financial future. Take action now and refinancing a home mortgage with Obamas stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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