Bank of America is participating in President Obamas stimulus plan. This means that homeowners who use them for a mortgage refinancing will be able to easily get approved for a home loan refinance and some huge benefits from doing so. Here are some things that homeowners who want to get a Bank of America mortgage refinance should know about.

President Obamas stimulus is a $75 billion program designed to help homeowners get themselves into a better financial position and prevent their home from being lost to foreclosure and default. Only a few approved mortgage lenders and banks are even capable of offering Obamas stimulus plan options to homeowners, and Bank of America is one of them. Obamas stimulus plan provides cash incentives to Bank of America every time a homeowner is approved for a mortgage refinancing by them and the stimulus plan rules are followed. This money enables Bank of America to be able to help more people and approve more risky home mortgage refinances.

The money from Obamas stimulus plan is also being used to keep home loan interest rates low for everyone. This is in hopes of restoring some stability to the housing market. Even Bank of America is able to offer homeowners 2% mortgage rates when they get a home refinancing with Obamas stimulus plan. Low interest rates are the key to saving a lot of money when refinancing, and the Obama plan provides them.

Homeowners are encouraged to contact Bank of America and see what mortgage refinancing options exist for them. Many people will benefit from getting a Bank of America mortgage refinancing and will be able to save a lot of money, their home, or both. Take action and get help now.

-M Petrone

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