Homeowners should be aware the President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” stimulus plan can help them a lot. This new stimulus program enables homeowners to easily get approved for a mortgage refinancing that will save them money, save their home, or both. Millions of homeowners are able to take advantage of this plan and refinance their home loan. Here is what people need to know about Obamas stimulus plan and how to use it for themselves.

Since the housing market and economy are in bad shape something needed to be done to assist the millions of people who were at risk of losing their home. Without the stimulus plan, many more homes would be lost, and the markets would slip further into the drain. However, the Obama administration did enact the plan and the best part is that it is easy for nearly any homeowner to qualify and get approved for. Many people are facing financial problems that would make getting a mortgage refinancing near impossible to do. Now though, because of this plan, homeowners with all types of financial problems, upside down mortgages, or bad home loans will be able to get help. In the past before this plan existed, homeowners would need to have a good financial record and future to get approval for home mortgage refinancing. Now though, help is easy to get and it is all because of President Obamas stimulus.

This stimulus plan works because of over $75 billion in Government funding. This money is being used in two main ways. First, the money is keeping mortgage interest rates low so that a lot of people can reduce their interest payments, and monthly mortgage amount. The other big thing this money is used for is to give incentives to lenders and banks when they approve a struggling homeowner for a mortgage refinancing that follows Obamas stimulus plan. With this incentive money, lenders and banks are able to approve more homeowners than ever before, regardless of their financial problems or situations.

Homeowners are encouraged to take action now to see the most benefits from Obamas stimulus. Do not wait any longer and waste more money or time with a home loan that you can not afford to pay. Contact a mortgage lender or bank and see what options exist for you because of Obamas plan.

-M Petrone

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