Home mortgage refinancing is now easy to get for millions of homeowners. President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan is designed to be easy to take advantage of for struggling homeowners. Here are some things that people should know about how refinancing a home mortgage with President Obamas housing stimulus plan can help them save a lot of money, their home, or both.

This stimulus plan is an answer to help combat the all time high number of foreclosures and defaults that are occurring right now. Many homeowners are financially struggling and barely, if at all, able to make their monthly mortgage payments. Since so many people are struggling, homes are being lost at a record pace. In an effort to help, Obama announced his $75 billion stimulus plan that is designed to help homeowners get a better and more affordable monthly home loan payment. Using this plan means that nearly any homeowner, regardless of their finances, can get a home loan refinancing approval and save their home and money every month.

Cash incentives are actually being given to mortgage lenders and banks every time they help a homeowner get a refinancing that saves their home. That means that many lenders and banks have eased their lending restrictions and are allowing more people than ever before to get a mortgage refinancing. That means that even homeowners with bad debts, upside down mortgages, or other financial problems will be able to get the help they need and refinancing a mortgage.

Never before has this much help been available to this many homeowners. Do not let this chance to get a mortgage refinancing pass you by and take action now. Contact a mortgage lender or bank to see what new options you may have for mortgage refinancing thanks to President Obamas home stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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