Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing is easier than ever for millions of homeowners to get approved for thanks to President Obamas housing stimulus plan. The “Making Home Affordable” program is a $75 billion housing stimulus plan designed to help millions of struggling homeowners. Wells Fargo is one of the leading lenders in the country and they are fully committed to following the Obama plan and helping homeowners. Here is what people need to know about refinancing a home mortgage with Wells Fargo and the Obama stimulus plan.

In the past, getting a mortgage refinancing approval from Wells Fargo was harder than it is now. Homeowners needed equity or cash, had to have good credit, and needed to be in a good financial standing. Now though, because of Obamas $75 billion housing stimulus plan, things have changed. Homeowners can now easily get approved for mortgage refinancing even if they have bad credit, an upside down mortgage, no job, or if they are facing other financial problems. This is all because of cash incentives Wells Fargo gets for every struggling homeowner they help. If Wells Fargo approves a homeowner for mortgage refinancing, and follows the rules of Obamas stimulus plan, they get a cash incentive. This money enables them to help more people, and take on more risk.

Without this stimulus plan, and Wells Fargo, many more homes would be lost to foreclosure or default. Right now, millions of people are facing the serious reality that unless something drastic changes, they will lose their home. This stimulus plan makes refinancing a mortgage with Wells Fargo easy and more beneficial than ever before.

Homeowners should not wait any longer and take action before things get worse. Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing is a great thing for many people to get and now, it is easier than ever to get approved for. The Obama housing stimulus plan was intentionally designed to be easy to take advantage of by millions of existing homeowners. Take action now and contact Wells Fargo today to see what new mortgage refinancing options exist for you. Things will not fix themselves and help is available but it is up to the homeowner to find it.

-M Petrone

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