Many homeowners are struggling out there with bad credit and want to be able to get a mortgage refinancing to help change things. However, getting approved for a mortgage refinance with bad credit is not as easy as it seems. Here are 3 tips for bad credit mortgage refinancing.

The first thing homeowners with bad credit should understand is that right now, nearly every homeowner is facing some type of financial hardship. Your situation is not in any way unique. Knowing this before you apply will help you get in the right mindset. Knowing that your situation is not unique or special means that you need your application to stand out from a ton of others just like yours. It is very important to have copies of all relevant financial documents needed when refinancing. This can include, irs returns, bank statements, statements of income, and anything else. Believe it or not, many applications for mortgage refinancing are returned as incomplete due to homeowners not having all the appropriate paperwork.

Next, homeowners need to do everything they can to control their finances that is possible. They should pay off old lingering debts, and minimize the amount of credit cards that are outstanding. Also, homeowners need to not open any new accounts in the months before applying for a bad credit mortgage refinancing. It does not look good to a potential mortgage lender or bank when you are applying for a bad credit home loan refinance, and have recently used up all of the credit you do have. However, it does look better if you are making an active effort to reduce your debts and pay back money you owe.

The last thing homeowners should do when trying to get approved for a bad credit mortgage refinancing is be open and honest about what your problems were, and what your goals are. Believe it or not, most banks and mortgage lenders would rather work with you than allow you to lose your home. Foreclosures, especially today, do not benefit the seller. If a lender or bank sees you are lying to them, or even thinks it, you will be denied. If they see the true effort you have been making, see your application is filled out totally correct, and see the copies of any financial paperwork that is needed, they are much more likely to work with you.

These 3 tips may seem simple, but when added up, they can really help a homeowner looking for a bad credit loan refinance. Many homeowners are in the same bad financial situation and many are applying for mortgage refinancing. If your application is better, more prepared, and more complete than someone else, you will get the approval while they get denied.

-M Petrone

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