Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing options now exist for nearly any homeowner thanks to President Obamas housing stimulus plan. These new home loan refinance options will allow homeowners with financial hardships the chance to get approved for a foreclosure preventing, money saving, mortgage refinancing. Here are some things homeowners should know about using Obamas stimulus plan with Wells Fargo to get a beneficial, no cost, mortgage refinance.

Wells Fargo is one of only a handful of mortgage lenders or banks who are able to offer homeowners the Obama stimulus plans mortgage refinancing options. Financially struggling homeowners will have a much improved chance of getting approved for mortgage refinancing. This refinancing will allow them to save money, prevent foreclosure, and take advantage of low home loan interest rates that are available now. Thanks to this stimulus, homeowners can get their financial situations in order, help the economy and the overall housing market, and keep their home at an affordable monthly payment that they will be able to keep up with.

Over $75 billion in funding is available to help struggling homeowners get into a better home, and financial situation. This large amount of money is being given to mortgage lenders and banks, like Wells Fargo, who participate in Obamas housing stimulus plan. This money enables lenders and banks to help more people than ever before, no matter their financial situation. Even homeowners who have been denied a mortgage refinancing in the past are now able to get help with Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing.

Homeowners in a variety of bad financial or mortgage situations are actually being encouraged to seek help. Refinancing a home loan with financial problems has never been this easy to do, especially with a bank like Wells Fargo who is participating in Obamas housing stimulus plan. Homeowners should contact their local Wells Fargo to see what new home loan refinancing options exist for them due to Obamas stimulus plan. Homeowners who are struggling should not wait any longer and take action now before their financial situation gets worse, or their home is lost to foreclosure.
-M Petrone


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