Mortgage refinancing is now easier to get approved for than it ever has been before thanks to President Obamas housing home affordable refinance program, also known as HARP. This program, is designed to help homeowners get approved for a beneficial money saving, foreclosure preventing, mortgage refinancing. Many major banks and mortgage lenders are participating in this program and actually looking for struggling homeowners to help. Here are some things homeowners need to know about refinancing a home loan with Obamas stimulus program.

This program was enacted to help stabilize the housing market, and prevent more foreclosures from happening. Never before has a program this extensive been available to financially struggling homeowners. With this housing affordability refinancing program nearly any homeowner who needs help will get it. The mortgage refinancing options will allow a homeowner to take advantage of the low mortgage interest rates and get into a better, more affordable, home loan.

Since most major banks and lenders are participating in Obamas HARP, most people, even with financial problems, will get approved for mortgage refinancing. The goal is to lower homeowners monthly payments enough that they are able to make mortgage payments, prevent foreclosure, and actually save some money. Millions of homeowners are struggling due to the bad housing market and overall economy, this programs goal is to reverse that. Using this plan, homeowners in nearly any bad mortgage or financial situation will be able to get a home loan refinance that will save them a lot of money, and lower their monthly payments.

Homeowners are actually being invited to come in and talk to participating mortgage lenders and banks about what benefits they can expect from Obamas stimulus plan. This HARP provides guaranteed mortgage refinancing approval for nearly any homeowner that applies for it. The banks and mortgage lenders are actually hungry for struggling homeowner refinancing because they get incentives for helping. These incentives allow them to approve nearly any homeowner for a beneficial mortgage refinancing. Homeowners should take action and get mortgage refinancing help now before their situation gets worse.

-M Petrone

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