Bank of America is participating in President Obamas HARP program which is a Government stimulus plan that makes refinancing a mortgage easier than ever. Millions of homeowners are eligible to take advantage of this program and get a mortgage refinancing that will save them a lot of money every month. Bank of America is offering near all time low mortgage interest rates, and offering nearly any homeowner a mortgage refinancing option that will benefit them. Heres how homeowners can take advantage of this program, and start saving a lot of money with a Bank of America home loan refinancing.

Before President Obamas mortgage refinancing stimulus plan, getting approved for a low interest rate mortgage refinancing from Bank of America was hard to do. Many homeowners were struggling financially and a lot of them were also behind on their mortgage payments which made things even worse. Now though, things have changed and due to government incentives, Bank of America is able to offer nearly any homeowner, in any financial situation, a mortgage refinancing that will take advantage of the low interest rates available now, and get them approved.

The incentives allow Bank of America, and other lenders and banks, the chance to help ease the failing housing recovery. Many homeowners will lose their home unless they are able to get help. This plans goal is to relieve struggling homeowners, save them money, save their home from being foreclosed on, or both. Many of the restrictions and requirements that were needed to secure a Bank of America mortgage refinancing have been eased which allows more people to apply, and actually get, a beneficial, money saving home loan they can afford.

Homeowners are actually being encouraged to use this plan to their benefit and take advantage. Bank of America is actually looking for people to help, because the Governments incentives they can help more people than ever. Getting a mortgage refinancing from Bank of America is easier to do now than it ever has been before. Homeowners should contact their nearest branch and ask what benefits they can see from refinancing a home loan with Bank of America and President Obamas home loan refinancing stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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