Many homeowners are finding it difficult to make ends meet in these tough economic times. Monthly home loan payments are usually the biggest bill of them all, and with millions of people struggling financially, they are also getting harder to pay. There are options though that homeowners can use to lower their monthly mortgage payments and save money. Here are 3 things that homeowners can do to reduce their monthly mortgage payments.

As most people have now realized, there are many more expenses related to home ownership than just the mortgage payments. There is also insurance, utility bills, maintenance, and other expenses. Many homeowners have reduced their other bills and costs as much as possible, and still struggle to make the monthly mortgage payment. While every situation is different, some homeowners may be able to find an option that will lower their home loan payments, and put them in a better financial situation. Here are some examples of what homeowners may be able to do to help themselves:

-Get a better home loan interest rate.
Many homeowners are paying a higher interest rate than what is available right now, especially homeowners who bought their home 5+ years ago. These days, interest rates are near all time lows, and many homeowners will easily be able to save 4% or more in interest just by getting a home loan refinancing. Some homeowners have an adjusted rate mortgage that has gone up and is now not affordable. A mortgage refinancing can also allow a homeowner to get into a more stable, cheaper, fixed rate loan. Be aware of the related costs and expenses related to mortgage refinancing. Be sure to add those costs into the total calculations to truly get a good idea of which option and mortgage lender or bank is the best one to pursue.

-Extend the length of the mortgage.
Many homeowners get into the typical 30 year home loan. Some homeowners have gotten shorter loans in order to pay less interest overall, and to build equity in the home quicker. However, the shorter the repayment length is, the more the monthly payments are. Homeowners may find it beneficial to lengthen the length of their mortgage. The longer is takes to repay the loan, the smaller the monthly payment will be. The longer loans though typically result in a much higher overall interest rate payment. Homeowners should consider this when deciding which option may be best for them.

-Loan Modification
Many mortgage lenders and banks have loss mitigation departments that work with struggling homeowners by offering them mortgage modification options. These are harder to get but much more beneficial. Homeowners need to submit a letter of financial hardship that states their problems, and possible solutions, to their mortgage payment problems. Mortgage modification may allow a homeowner to keep their current loan, and its repayment length, while still being able to lower the interest rate. The lowered interest rate will result in reduced monthly mortgage payments. Homeowners who think this may be the best choice for them are encouraged to go into their mortgage lender or banks office, in person, and ask to speak with someone in their loss modification office.

Every situation is different, but these are some of the most popular options available to homeowners who want to lower their mortgage payments. Homeowners are encouraged to do the proper research and understand what they are getting into before talking with a mortgage lender or bank. Doing a little research prior to getting help may result in better results and a smoother overall process.

-M Petrone

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