Right now, millions of homeowners are facing some type of financial hardship. Whether its a loss of a job, reduced income, a home that is losing value, or other things, many people need help and are financially struggling. At the same time, home loan interest rates have fallen to all time lows and most of these same homeowners would be able to save hundreds of dollars per month if they could get approved for a mortgage refinancing with the low interest rates that are available today. Here are 3 simple things any homeowner can do to make the process as easy as possible and increase their chance of getting a mortgage refinancing approval with poor credit.

Homeowners need to understand that right now there are a lot of homeowners who are struggling financially and looking for relief. That means that your situation will not be a unique one when the mortgage lender or bank sees your refinancing application. The lenders and banks are flooded with applications from homeowners with bad credit looking for a way to save money, prevent a foreclosure, or both. That means your application needs to stand out from the other homeowners in the same situation as you are. To help make that happen, homeowners should have copies made of all relevant financial information. Pay stubs, receipts, bank statements and any tax forms. Also, double check all forms and applications and make sure they are properly filled out. Many homeowners get their home refinancing applications returned or denied due to paperwork that is not properly filled out. This causes delays and even denials in some cases. Make sure you have a complete application with all the relevant financial documents required and copies of them.

Another good tip for homeowners looking for a mortgage refinancing approval who have bad credit is to get in control of finances. Obviously most homeowners with bad credit will not be able to pay off all of their old debts. However homeowners should look into paying small lingering debts and closing old lines of credit. Even paying off store department cards and then closing them will help. Homeowners with bad credit should not have too many open accounts. The more they are able to pay and close, the better it looks to potential mortgage lenders and banks. Also, homeowners should avoid opening any new lines of credit in the months prior to applying for a mortgage refinancing. The more a homeowner can do to improve their credit score, even a little, the better odds of getting approved for a home loan refinance with good interest rates.

When homeowners are dealing with a mortgage lender or bank, they need to be open and honest about their situation, goals, and what they expect to accomplish from mortgage refinancing. Remember, you are not alone and lenders and banks have seen it all as far as financial situations go. By openly communicating you are allowing the lender or bank to make a decision based on facts not lies that will come back to haunt a homeowner in the long run. Ultimately, your loan application will be verified, and a homeowner does not want to be denied due to not being honest. Allow the lender and bank to do their jobs and help you get into a new, better, home loan that is affordable and benefits all parties involved. If you lost your job or have a reduced income, be honest about it. It will end up being exposed one way or another and it will not be held against you if you are up front and honest about it. Most mortgage lenders and banks would rather work out a deal with a homeowner than allow them to fall into foreclosure, especially these days with foreclosures at an all time high and real estate prices remaining the same, or lowering.

These bad credit mortgage refinancing tips may seem obvious or not that significant. However, for a homeowner with poor credit, these tips may be just the edge they need to get the home loan refinance approval they needed to improve their financial situation, save their home from being lost, or both. Homeowners should take their time and make an informed decision before agreeing to anything. Even with bad credit, homeowners can take control and get a approved for a low interest rate mortgage refinancing today.

-M Petrone

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