President Obamas HARP (Housing Affordable Refinance Program) stimulus plan is designed to help millions of homeowners save hundreds of dollars per month. New mortgage refinancing options are available to homeowners that take advantage of low interest rates and help nearly any homeowner, in any financial situation, to get approved for a mortgage refinance. Here are some things homeowners should know about the HARP stimulus and how it can help homeowners save a lot of money and get into a better mortgage, and overall financial situation.

Here are some key points of the HARP stimulus:

-Homeowners who have seen their homes lose value due to a bad housing market can use this program to get approved for a mortgage refinance. This stimulus plan provides homeowners with underwater mortgages the chance to get approved for a mortgage refinancing with low interest rates that will save them a lot of money.

-This program rewards homeowners who have been on time and current on their previous 12 monthly mortgage payments. Homeowners who have remained current stand a much greater chance of getting approved for a low interest rate mortgage refinancing.

-Mortgage lenders and banks are happy to approve struggling homeowners with a refinancing solution that makes everyone involved happy. The HARP stimulus provides banks and lenders with incentives for approving financially struggling homeowners with a low interest home loan refinance.

-Homeowners who are facing a foreclosure can use this stimulus program to stop and prevent one in the future. Using this program will allow a homeowner to get into a better and more affordable monthly mortgage payment that will help them prevent a foreclosure or stop one in the process.

Homeowners all across the country are struggling financially and the HARP stimulus plan aims at addressing this. With this stimulus mortgage refinancing program, millions of people will save a lot of money on their mortgage. This will help stabilize the housing market and provide an overall boost to the economy. Homeowners should take action and take advantage of this program before interest rates rise any higher.

-M Petrone

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